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History and Art of Children's Book Illustration
(Short) History and Art of Children's Book Illustration
Children's Book Illustration would be defined like any type of picture or decorative work produced for books specifically intended for a youthful audience. This article tend to give people a large idea of what is children's book illustration. I'm not going into details, but speaking a bit about what we do (illustrators) is another step to recognize that our job is an entire form of Art.
Also, this article will be added to the library of our deviantART group childrensillustrators
:pointr: A short History of Children's Book Illustrations.
+ The beginning.
Although children's literature had its beginnings in the early seventeenth century, with books intended to teach rather than to amuse, it was not until the mid-eighteenth century that books intended specifically for children books began to emerge. By the nineteenth century there was an established market for children's books
:iconchildrensillustrator:childrensillustrator 214 28
Digital Impressions - Edition 10
This news article series will showcase beautiful submissions from all over the digital art galleries.
Check out new artists in our community and revisit some all time favorites. Enjoy !

Mr. Frog and the Fireflies by cosmosue
:thumb55019629: Anima: Dying Protodeus by Wen-M Drink Me by Aegis-Illustration daijoubu by yuke
:thumb55442081: :thumb55449710: Untitled by qwauk
:thumb55454412: Twisted metal by gfxglobe :thumb55471157: The Underground Stair by Agent-Jolliday
Website Illo by ZEBES Flying free by Hagge I am very sad by Xantipa2
9 matahari 02 by protogeny as life passes by by seppy nonchalance by Panicalex Bathroom Chalandri by voodoq
If you have any suggestions for future articles, please contact me !
:iconnighty:nighty 41 28
Wallpaper Gallery : Volume 69
Wallpaper Gallery : Volume 69
Here are a selection of the most interesting and unique wallpapers submitted to the Wallpaper Gallery over the past week. The Gallery is filled with absolute gems and these are but a small selection!
Want to get yourself featured here? That's easy! Just keep submitting great wallpapers! to be eligable for the feature the wallpaper must be a minimum of 1024x768 and be original work.
Gallery Director

THE FUTURE FARM by ekud:thumb55501035:
:iconzilla774:zilla774 42 20
Rules? Pffttt I don't need rules! I'm better!
Think you are above the rules? Think again!
This news submission focuses on the rules of DeviantArt, not only DA however, but also areas within DA itself, that being stock, gallery, forum and group rules for the main part.
First of all Gallery submission rules.  There have already been several news articles on this subject.. all with one main aim.  Making people understand that the guidelines for submitting a piece of work are there FOR A REASON!  Do not be surprised if your piece of work gets moved to scraps by the gallery director because you “couldn’t be bothered” to check the submission criteria…
Forum/chat/comment rules.  COMMON SENSE AND COURTESY!!  Get with the rest of the world and show a little respect for other people whom you intentionally surround yourself with on DA. (Nobody is forcing you to use this site!)  We all have feelings, we all get upset and we all have opinions, just remember that be
:iconsharkfold:Sharkfold 77 83
Separated at Birth? The Secret Story!

:thumb20939186:how to blow a bubble by cweeks
8 reasons by incredi:thumb50414361:
:thumb54278222:Untitled 13 by JeremyBrotherton
this is one of those places by futurowoman:thumb28146458:
:thumb44266315:flash by futurowoman
Rabbi,,,,,, by YuriBonderRabbi,,,,,,....... by YuriBonder
:thumb51294798: Silenced by myrnajacobs
Pool Ladder by perryIerapetra wall... by denis2
If you have missed past features
Thanks Everyone!
:iconintao:intao 65 25
Real Food Photography 6
I think it's time for some more original ideas.

:thumb45483610:Glass by toth-and-ali:thumb54355635:
Cafe break by jadviceSpring Onions by elliestuart:thumb52478385:
:thumb50626216:Yeeay Toast by TomasGarciaSeeds of love by alone-maggie
there was no bin.. by maraquja:thumb40047062:Ant and Corn by humminggirl
If you have any Food Photography or any favorites of Food Photography please send a link to me VengeanceIsForEver via note and they may be featured!
Past Food Photography News
:iconvengeanceisforever:VengeanceIsForEver 37 30
Help Make the :thrust: Emote Offical!
Dear DeviantART,
          Emoticons are a very big part of the DeviantART culture. They are used in moods, news, fourms, chat, journals, descriptions, comments, etc. We currently have many great emotes that are used constantly, such as :hug:, :), :(, :love:, :heart:, :thumbsup:, :nod:, etc.; however, there are many more that could be added to expand this great list of emoticons.
          Some emoticons that were used only by dAx (or some other extension like Zikes) have recently been made official! These include :noes:, :ohnoes:, :manhug:, and :shakefish:
          Many people, including myself, have thought that the original thrust emoticon by starbunnies should be made official.

:iconssecret:ssecret 105 89
Traditional Artist (MC) - Vol. 14
Here you will find some wonderfull underappreciated traditional works submitted over past week, bringing back traditional into traditional art gallery.
Now go out there and give these wonderfull traditional artists some love.
:thumb54953970::thumb54929221:Miss-carriage by little-tansanThe Atrocities of School by jedimasterpaul:thumb44983004:Katla the Dragon by MyVictorianSecret:thumb54774946:Proof by artvaleriu:thumb55087256:Ingestion by Stahlerlikedollar:thumb54977585:Bang by by twistedblueyesMaterial Issue.02 by slackboyMisunderstanding by artvaleriuHellifIknow? by 5KY3Green by JeannetteEgan:thumb54989220:stripes 9 by darn01the madonna of... by AbsintheArtimisiaFragile by striderrohit:thumb54851320::thumb52446242:Strong Arm by Nightb1adeWildwood by paulrichardjames:thumb54840752:drill by blind-awakening:thumb54901928::thumb54612120:Dreams by Jumprabbit
To suggest the work to be featured or artist to be interviewed just leave me the note and I will be happy to look over their gallery and their work and con
:iconsandrapelly:SandraPelly 29 9
Photomanipulation Contest to be Judged May 31
The challenge runs through May 31 and will have you featured in my journal and other journals (listed below). I'll also draw something really pretty for each first place winner, inked, coloured, mailed to you and all! Two winners for each category will be chosen, plus a few other "runners up", all of which will be featured. To begin, choose one or both categories and create through photomanipulation the creature/character.
One: This character--lion's head, six breasts, four arms and the staff as well if you like.
Two: This creature--lion's body, mask/human face, multitudes of human arms.
I thought these were pretty interesting challenges for manipulators to do, especially if you're into fantasy and legends! Give it a try.
You can enter both categories or just one, but send only one submission per category
:icontickticcan:tickticcan 18 27
Square2 (vol.3)
The square has some interesting possibilities . First of all you never have to choose between horizontal or vertical position . As I said before , with square many routes for the eyes can be made : triangles (G2,J1) , diagonals (D1,D3,E1) , diamonds , where everything points to the center (E3,F1,F2,G3,H2,J3) , ovals (J2) . . .
For symmetry (E3,F1,F2,G3,H2,J3) , there is space enough , even if the axis of the composition is not exactly in the middle . Within the square you can very well put that axis higher or lower, without hitting the head or bottom of the frame .
Of course all of this can be done with the rectangular format as well, but in my opinion the square has more to offer here .
Enjoy . . .
D p.1117 by xciteticx :thu
:iconalperyesiltas:alperyesiltas 51 56
100% Q.C. Approved! 05/11/07 [MC]
This article features quality art prints that just passed through the print approval queue! See what amazing works our fellow print artists have submitted in the past week!
Portrait Format
Landscape Format
Square Format
I hope you enjoyed today's featured prints as much as I enjoyed picking them! Check
:iconmidnightexigent:MidnightExigent 26 7
A look back on April's good stock.
Thanks to the guest selectors – if you fancy chosing some for the next newsletter note me!
lindowyn-stock Selected


stock image 21 by Veyga 042 by eBoy-stock
pendlestock selected
0150 by AstarsiaPhotoStock :thumb53627258: :thumb53612763:
:thumb52867369: Blake 20 by Paigesmum-stock CloseUp Umbrella Behind by astrals-stock
LawrenceDeDark selected
:thumb53646853: :thumb52962044: 2274 by stockII
:thumb53995729: :thumb52982050: 019 by Illithian-Stock
:thumb52920419: Stock 219 by sophia-T swift fox by NefaroStock
horse 34: gypsy by cyborgsuzystock frog 1 by Irie-Stock baby swan 2 by NefaroStock
shelldevil selected
VINTAGE Couple 02_quaddles by quaddles VINTAGE Religious 01_quaddles by quaddles Wedding Couple 06_quaddles by quaddles
L-S-76 by lucky-stock---L-S-72 by lucky-stock--- Vintage 1 FAMILY by Irie-Stock
stock 583: chocolate seahorse by sophiaastock :thumb53758075: Easter 4 by PiriStocK
.Douglas_Duck_Stock_ by systematic-chaos :thum
:iconstock-artists:stock-artists 56 33
LitFFS 'Tell Me A Lie' Comp Winners!
Hooray for the winners of the LitFFS Tell Me A Lie competition!
It was a very close competition, but winners have been chosen.
Congratulations to:
:spotlight-left: PROSE
:star: Toilet Paper
by apocathary  

6-month subscription, donated by PoeticWar
The Wind-up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami, donated by Eroala
A Life Transparent by Todd Keisling, donated by salshep
:star: 2nd Prize: Sucker
by KampfVerein

3-month subscription donated by adrift
print of your choice to the value of $15 or less donated by adrift
print to the value of $15 or less, donated by apocathary
:star: 3rd Prize: An Interesting Proposition
by JenniferStarling  

:iconlitffs:LitFFS 21 9
It's 'Fractal Friday'! #6
:wave: Hello Deviants!
:flowerpot: Welcome to 'Fractal Friday's ~ Wall of Wow's!'
This is our 6th week and it seems to me that someone must
have put color-enhancer in the water supply...'cause WOW
did I find some psychedelic wonders that are eyepoppingly hypnotic! :eyepopping:
Here are the awesome fractal finds for this week! ~ :gallery:
(:eyes: Please remember fractals truly must be seen in FULL VIEW
to be appreciated in every detail~ so please do them justice! :eyes: )
TGIF everybody....With Love and Respect.....:heart: Sophie :heart:

EXOTIC DREAMS OF THE PAST by coolbreezeladySomething Different XXVI by anjaleckHg by esintu
Apophysis: AUBYN by 1footonthedawnBlusilva and Sparx222 Collab by sparx222Brushstrokes by pannyhb:thumb54856048:
Shiny by blusilva:thumb54104566:Spiritfire by ChristopherPayneSurrounded by NestalgicaNeon Trails by Wick5ter
Easter Eggs by TwilightAmbianceFloating - Lotus by SterlingwareMothers Bond by blusilvaInactive Medusa by silverb
Nano-Life by milleniumsentry-Gregarious- by silwenka061220Zoom by Pasternak:thumb54
:iconsophquest:Sophquest 42 32
20 unkonown photographers!!!
Hi there!
Few weeks ago I planned to make a news feature. And here it is.
All photographers have less than 3000 pageviews. I think that they are all very good photographers.
Now It's your turn to decide and support. Fav, comment or even watch them!!





The Swamp by Ezakiel - ForrestTV - by Ezakiel
Immortal Love by Allfader Swimming Pool by Allfader
It is Murder series img 4 by nicky-lea Untitled 2 by nicky-lea
Fragile by Evelicious On the Same Earth by Evelicious
:thumb54128918: :thumb53986329:
:thumb51448272: :thumb48632836:
:thumb53046052: :thumb52549982:
lynx eyed by asomy the long walk by asomy
Light and Windows by electrophiliac :thumb54749090:
Benjamin by CykeADelic Calling Home by CykeADelic
:thumb54975723: :thumb544
:iconomasmullis:omasmullis 29 23
Do you want to be Discovered?
We are proud to introduce a new dA Ezine. "But wait" I hear you say "this has been done before" You are right it has and some have been unsuccessful, some have been successful. We intend to be successful.
We are The Undiscovered. :iconthe-undiscovered:
A weekly dA magazine delivered straight to your inbox. Our aim is to promote underrated/unnoticed deviants and deviations. We believe that there are amazing artists out there, who just aren't being noticed, so we are here to help all you deviants with less than 10,000 pageviews get noticed, as well as to get advice from more successful deviants on how to get more            exposure and improve your work.
The magazine has been founded by angelbearlina and tranquil-anarchy and we will be taking care of all the editing responsibilities for now. We have a great writing staff, for more information on them go to our
:iconthe-undiscovered:The-Undiscovered 89 51


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